UiPath Remote Runtime extensions installation requirements

Hi! I need to install Uipath extension for Citrix/windows remote desktop on my client’s computers( windows XP). I could not find hardware and software requirements for this. I only know that Studio and Robot can’t be installed on Windows XP, because it’s too old version. Despite this, can Uipath extension for Citrix/windows remote desktop be installed on Windows XP?

As a first requirement we need to have Studio v2018.4 or greater, which cannot be installed in a windows xp
so i hope we wont be able to install in that with citrix extension
for more details

Cheers @KotaroKo

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Thank you, but i was told, that it is not needed studio and robot to be installed on the client’s machine, because i must access the computer remotely and only extension is needed for automation. Is not it possible only extension files to install?

Hmm, i hope for Citrix or even for Windows RDP Extension, we need studio to be installed
because either of them can be installed from studio or with Command prompt
@Pablito, kindly correct me if i m wrong



Hi Guys,
First of all we need to be precise:

  • Extension - this is the part which needs to be installed on computer where automation will be developed (computer where studio is being launched to make workflow)
  • Runtime - this is the part which needs to be installed on server (citrix worker/remote computer) to which ready robot / final workflow will connect to perform automation

As Robots are based on pretty same requirements that Studio I’m afraid Windows XP will not work with this.


Thank you, guys.


@Pablito @KotaroKo

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Still it is not clear. Do i need to install studio on remote machine ?

Also is there any security risk if installed UiPath remote runtime component on remote machine ?

Hello, I’m seeking assistance in drafting a risk document for implementing a remote runtime extension. Specifically, I’m interested in identifying the potential risk factors associated with installing the remote runtime extension on a remote server. I’m using the community edition to experiment with accessing remote machine services using Robot, but I need to compile a list of potential risk parameters to share with customers