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I’m practicing Uipath practice test
During practice I’m confused with these questions
Please answer the correct options for these

1 b


Hi @Aima_Arif

Answer → variable.length

Answer → read pdf with ocr

Answer → )indicating UI element

Answer → visible

Answer → compare files

Answer → push


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Thank you so much

Hi plz also answer these
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6.)A developer indicated a UI element for a Click activity. The automatically-generated selector shown below, had unreliable components. The web application change the layout and order of elements.
** **

Which attribute is stable in the automatically -generated selector’
a) title
b) idx
c) css-selector

  1. which type of exception can a robot throw only if the process is manuallyconfigured to do so?
    (a) Business Rule exception
    B) Null Reference
    c)Argument exception
    d) Invalid Operation Exception
  1. AA developer published a library to a folder on their machine_ Alter opening a new process and selecting “manage package” in uipath studio. what should load the library into the process?
    a) User-defined package sources
    b)Local Feed
    c) Orchestrator Feed
    d)Marketplace Feed

9)A developer is building a process that needs to interact with multiple applications. The process contains three Type Into activities, Each activity types into a different application. To avoid any potential issues of interacting in the wrong application, how should the developer design the workflow
.a)Use a full selector for each activity
b)Decrease the time in the Timeout (milliseconds) property for activities
c) Reduce the time in the DelayBefore for each activity
d)Use Image automation for all activities

10)A developer is working with a Purchase Order automation process. The number ol shipment containers and boxes per container are obtained in two strings, “shipmenContainers” and “BoxsPerContainer” The task is the robot to obtain the total number of boxes in all shipment containers in int32 variable.
Which expression should be Used for calculating the total number of boxes?

d) Convert.ToInt32(ShipmentContaoiners)*Convert.ToInt32(BoxesPerContainer)

11)When automating a process, which factor increases its complexity
a) Dynamic selectors
b) Static selectors
c) Low number of decision points
d) Low number of steps required in the automation

12)By default, which arguments are available and should remain global exception handler

a)errorInfo with the “In” direction
result with the “In/Out” direction
b) errorinfo with the “In” direction
result with the “Out” direction
c)errorInfo with the “In” direction
result with the “In” direction
d) errorinfo with the “Out” direction
result with the "In/Our’ direction

13)What happens if a user attempts to publish a process from uiPath Studio that has a validation errors
a)The robot will automatically set ContinueOnError to “True” for all activities that contain errors
b) The robot will throw a runtime error whenever the process is executed
c) The process will not be published.
d)The process will appear in uipath Assistant but cannot be run.

14)A developer used a Workbook Read Range activity to read an .xlsx file.The file contains headers and 1200 rows data. However the read range activity datatable containing one row with two cells
Which property needs to be correctly configured to return all rows,
a) AddHeaders
c)Preserve format

14)A developer invoked a workflow file with three arguments, one “In”, one “Out”, and one In/Out in the Invoked workflow’s arguments window, How can Value be configured for each argument,

a)In Variable only
Out Variable only i
n/Out. Variable only

b) In Variable or Hard-coded value
Out: Variable only
in/Out: Variable only 0

c)In: Variable or Hard-coded value
Out: Variable or Hard-coded value
In/Out: Hard-coded value only

d)In: Variable or Hard-coded value
Out: Hard-coded value only
In/Out: Variable only

15)What is the maximum scope a variable that can have in an automaton project?

a)Outermost container in the current xaml protect file
b) Within the surrounding “Do” or “Body” sequence
c)Entire automation project which includes all project files
d) Within the activity in which it is defined

16)A developer needs to ensure a string has a valid email format. Based on best practices, how can this be verified
a)Use the Containers method
b)Use an Is Match activity
c) Use a Replace activity
d)Use the Format Value activity

19)A developer wants to create a process that searches 101 images on a website and then saves the images in local folder. However the website contains error. As a result, the process may need to search for an image multiple times in order for it to display
Which container activity should the developer use to search for an image multiple times?

a) Retry Scope
b) On Image Appear
c)Attach Browser
d)On Element Appear

19)Based on best practices, which steps should a developer perform to upgrade the Uipath U1Automation Activities package from version 19.11.5 to 21.10.5 project?

a)Open the Manage Packages window and select Project Dependencies
Change UiPath.U1Automation_Activities to version 21.10.5 and save

b) Remove version 19.11.5 of UiPath UIAutomation.Activities from the project.json file and Restart UiPath Studio

c)Open the Manage Packages window and select Project Dependencies
Uninstall UiPath UlAutomation.Activities version 19 11 5
and restart UiPath Studio
Install the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities version 21_10 5

d)Open the Manage Packages window and select Settings
Modify the Default package sources and
Restart UiPath Studio

  1. A developer created an attended automation project to generate and store employee Id’s within comapny’s HR application. The automation employees.
    The automation is designed as follows
    An HR associate enters a new employee’s demographic information into an HR form
  1. The robot generates the employee ID in the format XXX-XX-XXXX, where the Xs represent integers
    3_ After Steps 1 and 2 are completed for all new employees, the robot will enter each employee ID into HR application
    Which recommended data type should be used to store all new employee ID’s?
    c) Strings
    d) String

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