Selectors question From Excel to UI


I’ve an Excel file with 5 columns with about 300 rows. One of the column’s name is ‘Order Lines’. This entries in this column consists of digits like 5664, 8410, 8774 etc.
I need to take these values from the cell and click same ‘Order Lines’ entry on the UI of an web application.
To do this, I read the row.item of OrderLines and click on the UI. Pass it as variable.
The issue is with selectors in the aaname tag. I tried using these in aaname:
“”" +OrderLines + “”"

None worked. Can you please tell me what’s wrong here ?


Instead of using UI elements of Excel

You can use Excel application card and other activities

This will work in background without opening the excel file

Hope this will help you


Hi @Prinal_C ,

You have to use dynamic variable for aaname attribute. Please refer the below documentation from uipath on how to use variable to create dynamic selectors. I hope it might helpful to guide you on this requirement. Thanks.

@kirankumar.mahanthi1 … this does not help.

Hi @Prinal_C,

Let me understand how you have written the logic first,
So you have a excel with 300 records with 5 columns. So you must have read the excel as datatable. Then iterating through the datatable and get one orderline value stored in a string variable. Same variable you must be passing to selectors and click dynamically on UI.

If above is the logic then please check following,

  • Just check if string variable is properly populated with the extracted value
  • Check the selectors which you are using for UI Interaction. Make sure, your selector is working for multiple hardcoded value first.

Let me know, still you have same issue.


Can u please try this

<tag aaname={{OrderLines.toString}} />

Refer to this link for reference


Variable in a selector should be working fine

Did we try right clicking the attribute value and replacing that with variable like this

But still did we try with Click text activity where we can pass the text we want and this activity will click on it in UI scope been selected

Cheers @Prinal_C