Best way to compare variables in Uipath

Hello to everyone out there! :slight_smile:


I’m trying to develop a small application that:

1 - Receives a PDF file by email - DONE
2 - Extract key information and store them in variables - DONE
3 - Write in each row of an Excel the variables - DONE (Maybe I don’t need this step now).

Now, what I want to do?

4 - Compare the variables with other variables to see if they are 100% equal
5 - If yes, write a word document like a contract.

4 - looks “simple” but I would like to make it in an elegant and generic way.

Basically, I want to make a new process that receives variables and compares them with others already defined. If there exists a match for all variables received with those defined proceeds with the paperwork full filament.

I’m just looking for advices, like do it this way or do that way or “I” did something like that in the past, take a look.

Thank you in advance for any help

can you share some more details with us like sample data, datatypes etc. Thanks
As there are many options to do it it will be helpfully to step forward to a more detailed level

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Hello ppr!
Take a closer look, this is Step 3 and 4

Sample.xaml (67.0 KB)