Selector Indicator In Loop


Hi Every One, I am new to Uipath, I have got query in selector indicator path

Here actually , Based on the currentdate i want to click the pdf file , I am not able to do with selector indicator.

Anybody Please help me on this.

Hi @Raman2

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Will you be able to share a screenshot of all the tags available in the selector. You can use the UI Explorer to generate it. Open the ui Explorer and indicate the element on you need to click.

I want go see what values it hold

Hi @Raman2

Extract the grid details along with aaname then stored it datatable and filter with todays date then use clik activity and pass repective id availlable in aaname as a selector. Use for each datatable for multiple records.


Hi Lahiru , Thanks for the prompt reply.

I dont know how to generate UI explorer , can u please help me on this .

Hi Dinesh,

Thanks for the reply.

I dont know how to use the Ui explorer , can u please help me on that.


Find the detailed steps from following link

thanks dinesh,

I am geeting like this , I want to pass a variable here .

how can i add aaname to variable ?

Hello @Raman2,

You can create your own dynamic selector by copying the selector and then editing it with the assign activity into a string variable. More examples in this post: