Uipath.PDF.Activity Invalid license for the PDF component

Hi I am using Join PEF files and when I run it I get fallowing message “Join PDF Files: Invalid license for the PDF component” can anyone help me.



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Can you try changing the pdf package version and check…ideally it should not give an error like this

Is your windows licensed?


Hello @mt367 Please perform following checks:

  1. Update UiPath.PDF.Activities Package**: Ensure that you have the latest version of the UiPath.PDF.Activities package installed. If an error mentioning the Docotic.Pdf library is encountered at runtime, then you should upgrade the UiPath.PDF.Activities package to version v3.1.0 or higher.
    2.Check the License: Make sure you have a valid license for the UiPath Studio. If you’re using the Community Edition, you may need to renew your license if it has expired.
  2. Check the PDF Activities: If you’re using any specific PDF activities like ‘Join PDF Files’, ensure that you’re using them correctly. For instance, the ‘Join PDF Files’ activity requires an array of strings containing the full paths of all the PDF files you want to join.
  3. Check for Compatibility Issues: If you’re using other packages in your project, such as UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities or UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities, ensure that they are compatible with the version of UiPath.PDF.Activities you’re using.


Thank you for your response. I updated my PDF package, and the message went away.

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Update UiPath.PDF.Activities Package: Make sure you have the latest version installed.
Check Your UiPath Studio License: If you’re using the Community Edition, ensure your license hasn’t expired.
Verify PDF Activities: Confirm you’re using the ‘Join PDF Files’ activity correctly with the right paths