UIPath Orchestrator queue not getting updated


I am trying to solve assignment 2 of level 3 RPA developer certification.
In the dispatcher part of the level, I need to add transactions to the queue “InHouse_Process4” created in the orchestrator.
However, I find that despite many attempts the queue item does not get updated with transactions. It shows “0” items.
I restarted the orchestrator, deleted and re-created the queue.
Is there any way this can be solved?

Hi @kaivalya03,
Can you send us the screen shots of errors.

Hello, @kaivalya03

Sometimes Orchestrator isn’t showing items in the main menu.

Did you check the View Transactions tab? If you see Queue Items there, it means everything fine - Transactions are uploaded.

@Vish2148 Please find attached the screenshot of the errors.
@Sergey_Petrenko, I checked the transaction list, it does not show any items in it.

Hi @kaivalya03 ,
When ever you use “Add Queues Item”, “Add Bulk Queues” or any other custom activities to upload items in Queues and if their is no exception while doing that then all the items will be stored in the Queue Database. The only issue is the updating Queue Items in Orchestrator will take time. To check weather item are uploaded in Queue or not you can use “Get Transaction item” Activity, if their is no data the it seems like an issue. Or if their any issue at the time of uploading you can debug and can solve issue.

@Vish2148 I used “Add queue item” to upload transaction items to the queue that i created on the orchestrator.
I also am not getting any output from the “Get transaction item” activity as I think it takes the queue as its input.
Is this error because Uipath studio got updated recently? Because with the earlier version, I was able to upload the items to the queue successfully. I am now running 2019.9.2 and I think the earlier version was 2019.7.2

Here is an example. It works fine on my PC.

2019-10-15_Queue_Item_UploadTo_Orchestrator.xaml (6.8 KB)

If this script would not work, please check the integration with Orchestrator.

Thanks @Sergey_Petrenko, I checked it on my side using an array. The items got uploaded perfectly. However I am still not able to add items to the queue in the “dispatcher” part of the “Generate Yearly Report” assignment.
I think this issue could have been due to change in the version of UiPath Studio