UiPath Orchestrator On premise Installation

@Palaniyappan When I try to install UiPath Orchestrator on-premise below error I was faced:

  • The database name that you provide is already used by an existing database. Please help me with this .
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Hi @Umang_Mehta

Did you try with a new database name?

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@aanandsanraj It’s work for me with the new database name.But previously i was installed trial version of UiPath Orchestrator Same Database was used during that installation.Now I have official license key of UiPath Orchestrator. I drop all tables related to UiPath from this database and I was start my new installation with this database and it give me this error during installation.Have you any way that installation done with the existing database instead of create new database.

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Then delete the existing database and try again if you want back up just take it before deleting

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@aanandsanraj - I thought that Orchestrator is web based.
Does it also provide installation on local machine? What is the recommendation?

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@Tech_Geek, It is web-based but you can also install it on-premise, and yes there is an MSI Install file, for installing it on a local machine, refer to below:

Thanks @SenzoD. Appreciate your help!!

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hi @Umang_Mehta
follow this

This is the reason that “CM_RPA_Dev” DB is already in your Sql server