Uipath orchestrator: how to start

Hi, I want to start orchestrator training…is it anything I want to download… then go to platform.uipath or go directly to platform.uipath site…

I go directly to platform.uipath site, but its not working… I can see only the ui logo on the screen…
pls help…
I want to continue my learning…

I cannot open platform.uipath site…
this is the issue

@nanrajj Instead that u try below link for time being, that site might be down due to some reason


It is new version of community orchestrator. You have to create new account for it for using it, old credentials will not work here.

Thanks got it.

I want to know about assigning robots. I know, how to assign local machine as robot, but if I want to assign customer side machine as robot in my orchestrator, what I have to do…can u pls explain by steps

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@nanrajj I dont have idea about it, u have to get help from others for it.

Check these out :

Check the version of Uipath you are using on the top left corner.
Hope this helps.

Let me know if you still have issues.

This is the first time to create account with orchestrator, so is it ok to use the above link you shared, or I have to download new uipath studio…(because I don’t understand with old credentials will not work here)
Another query: I created account with the above link (I gave tenancy name: locall) in provisioning robot, I gave username as in my windows(Nancy) and the password and in uirobot setting, I gave everything properly, but in ui robot - I get unavailable… but in dashboard…it shows available…
when I deploy process, it shows error occurred, and cannot open the process

Pls help

@nanrajj I don’t have much knowledge of orchestrator, try below link with old credentials and check, if old credentials doesn’t work try with new credentials also.


As of your error, u might need others help and also check the forum once.

Which version of studio are you using?