Uipath Orchestrator API Cloud Platform Start Job Failed with 500 Internal Server Error


I am using cloud platform for Orchestrator API and trying to run Start Job with below parameters -
“startInfo”: {
“ReleaseKey”: “578d80ca-f74f-46ba-a47a-fcd667a8d365”,
“RobotIds”: [214641],
“JobPriority”: “Normal”,
“Strategy”: “Specific”,

But I am getting 500 Internal server error.
Can anyone please help me here.

Hi @ui2507path - Working for me. Please chjeck below screenshot and make sure you have changed the “type” to json :

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Hi Thanks,

Now I am getting the Robot IDs are invalid.
Can you please tell me how are you fetching the robot ids.

You can get that using odata/Robots API.

I am using the Id value as Robot ID.
But still getting the error for Start job as Invalid robot ids.
Is there something wrong that I am doing

Thanks so much Mahesh.
The fix worked here. And i got the correct robot id, found some issue in my query.


This is working well with Postman, but when trying the similar request from UiPath using HTTP Request, getting 500 - Internal Server Error.
Can you please advice what can be done to resolve this

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