UiPath Orchestrator 403 error - Access Forbidden

Orchestrator stores VDI on the network. When I try to connect to Orchestrator from outside the VDI network, I get an exception, like in the screenshot below:

try with this url

its working for me. Kindly check once

Cheers @11146

Hi @11146,
Is the problem still occur for you? Are you maybe citizen of Ukraine?

Try the URL provided by @Palaniyappan

I just checked and it works fine for me…

@Lahiru.Fernando @Pablito
We do not use the platform.uipath.com orchestrator
We use an orchestrator that is deployed on our network (VDI network) and want to access it from our Azure network (there is a tunnel). In the network where the orchestrator is installed all works fine , but when we try to access from our Azure network, we get an error as in the screenshot attached to the topic.

In that case I would suggest to contact with our Technical Support as it’s hard to tell if problem is with Orchestrator or wrong configuration in your environment. There are to many elements which can fail here. The support team have better view on this.

Older topic, but I was messing around with Windows Auth and SAML and ran into this as well. It is helpful to inspect your page requests to see why the error is coming back.

I would not that I only saw this when directly visiting the landing URL, but if I opened the Login page specifically, everything was a-okay.

In my instance I was getting a “HTTP 403 Current user did not login to the application!” after I disabled WindowsAuth.AutoLogin.Enabled, and was simple enough as clearing the client’s cache.