Oechestrator API on premise 403 error (forbidden)

Wanted to use some orchestrator API functions. I got it on premise, and found instruction how to start, with code, videos and other staff, that explains how it works. And this is really great, that there is a lot of material to use, BUT there is no any mentioning about errors that occur while you trying to make something by using it in postman.

Here is my problem:
i am getting an error 403 (Forbidden) when trying to authenticate:)

The answer at raw tab is just an html code of the page:

Certificate validation is disabled, and link, tenant name, password and login are correct. What i need to do to fix it up? May be there is any options to enable in orchestrator or IIS folder?

I watched this video (Start UiPath Process from Postman ON Premise (Orchestrator API) - YouTube), where author do the same steps, but he get a normal result (a key).

Thank you!

I got normal result when i am doing query from the same machine, where orchestrator is. From another one, where VPN connection established - th same error.

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