UiPath opening chrome without an extension

Hi all

I just stumbled upon a bug in extension v. 22.10

When opening chrome manually UiPath extension is present.
When opening chrome with UiPath, UiPath extension does not exists.

What might have caused it(probably, not really steps to reproduce):
Install UiPath version 22.4 without Chrome being installed on the computer.
Install Chrome after version 22.10 rollout
Install Chrome extension from UiPath → Tools → Extensions

1.Open chrome manually and navigate to extensions.

2.Click “View in Chrome Web Store”

3.Copy the link

  1. Open Chrome from UiPath
  2. Paste the link
  3. Click “Add to chrome”
  4. Optional (go into details in the window opened from UiPath and allow in incognito mode)

Hello @GT_Ropa !

For the browser instance opened by UiPath, go to this URL and enable the extension: