Chrome without UiPath Extension?

Can UiPath treat chrome app like any other generic application instead of trying to install is own extension in chrome?


manually install it from here

UiPath needs the extension in order to recognize the selectors within chrome. Attempting to automate without the extension enabled gets you the error below.


is there any way to remove this check/detection?
I am working on a project which relies upon a web app that does not have get-able elements / no selectors , so i just need uipath to see the graphic contents of the app window …

I can’t say there is no workaround to remove that detection but may I ask why you would not just install the extension then proceed with the image based automation? It will allow you to more easily attach to the browser window and work within it even if the web app doesn’t have reliable selectors. I was able to tell the robot to click images on a Chrome window without the extension enabled but you can’t open the application or open/attach to the browser (with built in activities at least, although I assume you could start the process still) using this method.

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