UiPath not responding error when trying to write data from excel to dt

Hi All,

in one of my process i am getting an excel file as an input which containing 7 to 10 Lakh records average and i need to process all rows.

So i tried to split this excel into more then one excel (2 Lakh records in every excel).

I implemented this using loop concept.Bot adding chunk of rows in dt and pasting it into different excel every time. Here i have one problems-

Problem is that when i am running code some time its processing 4 lakh, some time processing 6 Lakh and stopped working… It showing error that “Uipath not responding.”
Excel input is same each time.

Can any one suggest what need to do.

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Were we facing any issue when processing the datatable as a whole
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You can try using this custom activity.

Yes, i tried this option, in this case i got error that “uipath not responding” , not sure but may be it require more memory to process.
So i came through second option where i can read data in chunk of 2 lakhs rows and process them in separate excels. Here again same problem after processing 6 lakh records it giving error “UIPath Not responding”.

Now the solution which i found for this problem is i am using chunk of 1 lakh rows at a time and it’s working fine.

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