UiPath MVP and certification badge

Is there any badge in forum for completing ui path advanced developer certification.

And how to become MVP?

You will get Robot Master badge on successful completion.

I have completed the certification. Still it’s not appearing.


Please help him.

I think MVP badge is assigned by UiPath staff according to our performance.

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Hi @ArunVelaayudhanG

We don’t have the badge for the certification just yet.

The highest badge on the forum is currently the Robot Master.


Thank you for updating.

Oh ok

Hi @loginerror, I have completed all the trainings but do not know how to apply for the “Robot Master” badge.

Hi @oriolsolani

Please request to join this group:
This is the correct link: https://forum.uipath.com/g/advanced

Please provide your email in the request ONLY if the one used on the forum is different than the one from Academy :slight_smile:

Requests are resolved automatically each hour.

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Hi @loginerror

I have completed Foundation, Orchestrator & Advanced training’s in academy. But it’s still not reflecting in forum even though my email is same for both academy & forum.

Email Id: abhilashreddy.alla@gmail.com

Hi @loginerror
How do I request to join it? Don’t see a “request” option in the group.
Thank you

Whoops, wrong link. Here you go:

Just paste your Academy email in the body of the email and the badge assigning robot will process it (it’s scheduled every hour).

Thank you!!

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