UiPath Metrics

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right section or not, but I’m looking to see what KPIs/Metrics comes out of the box with UiPath. Thanks!


Hello, @mostrong,

I don’t think UIPath delivers any metrics as of the current version.
I’m building a tool that helps to measure the number of errors and code smells in a project, maybe this helps with your problem. You can take a look at UIPath Connect or GitHub.

Hope that helps you :blush: Regards.

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Why do you need to build one? Orchestrator sends the logs to ELK and you have all the details in Kibana

Sorry, @c.ciprian . Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. The metrics are not to measure how bots have run or the execution, but the automation / code itself. So the tool is intended to measure code quality and code smells.

@mostrong, could you please give more details on what kind of metrics for UIPath you want?
Do you want metrics on the execution? The results? The amount of errors in the execution?
Or are they more related to the robot themselves? Maybe metrics regarding code and best practices?

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This would be interesting.
On the Connect description you have the text for github, but the link is on Connect