UIPath competitive tools to AA's Bot Insight

Can anyone direct me to UIPath information/capabilities to Business Analytics that can be associated with processes - similar to AA’s Bot Insight capability?

Hi @paulthesavage911,

The UiPath Academy has a free of charge course on Business Analysis on the academy website.


Razvan – this didn’t address my original question and it was not helpful

Orchestrator + Kibana has All insights you could need and even you can make your own with Interactive Dashboards, with Charts or tables :slight_smile:

I need more!

Any real examples of UIPath integrations with O+K? Everyone knows that UIP has API’s to everything – need real examples – showing Bot metrics with Dashboards.
AA has this with BotInsight! That’s my reference point.

Even you could install UiPath Enterprise Trial (Orchestrator + Kibana) on Premise and make some dasboards with ElasticSearch and see if the toolset is what you need.