Send SMTP Mail Message activity not working

I have a workflow that does some task and then send a SMTP mail message. this is working finely in my development studio. but when I published it in to the server where my robot it on, it doesn’t working properly.
I tried to downgrade the version of the UiPath.Mail.Activities and tried to clear the cache.
but it doesn’t working for me. and this doesn’t give any error. the robot is showing as running.
please help me with this.


Can you run again manually and check if it had any issue

Also share the version of the Orchestrator, Studio, Bot

Also check the jobs if any logs are created


it has no issues.
and it doesn’t show any error message in the log files.


You can check the event viewer of the Robot machine also to track the errors

Hope this helps you


Thank you @ksrinu070184. checked it. and no any error showing there.

Is your robot is just running , means no output is coming just in pending state?

yes @Sahil_Garg1 Sahil