Where are the loops?

I’d like to add in a loop, but a For loop (the only one I’ve worked with so far) is excessive. I want to loop through something 12 times, one for each month. In other languages, a For loop would be perfect because I could increment/decrement a local variable and boom, done.

But I can’t even find the loop activities in UIPath to find an easy one to use. Is this another of those supposed-to-be-default activities I need to manually install an activity pack for?

Please make sure you’re Googling first.

Please make sure that you read first. There For loop implementation in UIPath is a For Each loop. And I said that didn’t work for me this time, so I was looking for others.

I found Do While and While loops, and I think those are the 3 that are supported in UIPath Studio.

That’s the one you should use. If you want a range of numbers, set the datatype to Int32 and use Enumerable.Range(0, 12)

Test_EnumRange.xaml (4.8 KB)

Names of the loops are the same as .NET


I think you come from developing in automation anywhere right?

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback like that. I didn’t learn .NET in school, UIPath pitches this product as suitable for Business Analysts (i.e. NOT programmers), and there is 0 .NET covered in their training program. It’s good to know the underlying technology can still be used, but you can’t expect people to learn .NET if you don’t tell them it’s required.

Nope. Most of my programming is in proprietary languages and Java. Recently picked up some more mainstream C-like languages though.

We have studio X which is for non-programmers. I didn’t know anything about programming when I started and I found it really easy. Like any software it requieres you to learn about it at least a little bit.

All you need to know is here: academy.uipath.com

If you already know a little bit about programming then it will be even easier. I’m not saying that you need programming but for some cases it requires you to know a little about some concepts like how to split a string or stuff like that but mostly it’s easier just because you learn logical thinking. That’s the main reason. Like what should happens first If you open a browser to login to a website. What are the steps? Well first you need to open the browser, then go to the url, then type the logins and then click login.

Nope. I’m working on assignments to finish my cert. Working on Level 3 assignment 2, which I think is the last one… So far, posting questions to the forum, I keep running into .NET, which is not covered in the courses.

Seems to be causing me more troubles honestly. lol

You might need a little but mostly just to manipulate a string or convert it to a number or something but a simple google search solves it. For example if I want to do a split, I just search for it in google this way:

Interesting. I’d have never thought to call it “a split”. I did some some work with Substring() the other day though.

I bet most of this concepts you already applied them if you know java. Just that the syntax is different, Just google about the syntax and you will become more than an expert. The benefits of this is that you will have more power since you won’t just depend on Uipath. You will have the whole power of a programming lenguage like .NET. Also you can invoke python, VBA, C# and a lot of stuff probably Java too.

That sounds cool. What activities do that sort of thing?

Invoke code for C# and VB.NET

Invoke VBA for VBA.

You can also invoke powershell


You can do more by downloading packages here:


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