UiPath Licensing without Orchestrator

Hello Everyone

How to check the license of the UiPath that you have? Currently, the cmd is disabled so I cannot use the C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiPath>regutil.exe get-info. Is there any other way to check it? The purpose of this is because we have ‘Named User’ but we cannot use it with the other machine.

If you mean checking license of Attended Robots (Named User). The only way is to check the regutil way.

The Regutil command line utility is only compatible with v2018.4.6 and lower. For v2018.4.7, please use the LicenseTool command line utility.

In any case if you cannot access CMD there no way to get these details.



Do you have the option to run PowerShell or create a batch or PowerShell script?

Hello @codemonkee I don’t have… :frowning: Anyway, I might call the IT or UiPath itself about the licensing. Thanks

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