Uipath How to get the license code

As guide i need run below command to generate the license file.

but how to i can get the license code?
Additionally, my uipath studio was installed as click-once technology belong to MS.


Are you using Enterprise version or Community Edition ?

It should be Enterprise Edition


If you have already installed UiPath studio and activated it. why are you trying this method again ?

At time of installation, are you used any license code ? If yes, then enter that license code.

Why you want the license code, you have studio installed and licensed from orchestrator to work with UIpath

I found it, it default was installed the ‘AppData\Local’ folder and in that folder i can find the corresponding version of uipath and i also see the Regutil.exe tool.
at last, run “Regutil.exe get-info” command in installed folder. then you will see some useful information.
Still thank you :slight_smile:

Because in my license page(tenant level) i can’t see any function button such as renew, remove etc. So i think i may need to upload license file.

This is my license page of Orchestrator

Here the upload option is for enterprise licenses, if you have bought any licenses from uipath then you can upload here.

As a community you get only 2 Development licenses and you cannot renew them.

While adding a robot you get a option to select which type of license there you can select development license only.

oh, My God, i don’t understand that until now.
Thank you a lot.

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