UiPath Licensing Training

Good day team,

I have been completing: UiPath Licensing Training twice and also got my certifcation but it seems it does not update in the system and I cannot move forward.

Can you please check this situation?


UiPath Licensing Training|690x246

Hello @florinniculescu07

Welcome to the community!!!

Based on the screenshot, I can see that you have not completed the Survey that needs to be done after the course. make sure to complete the survey so that you can fully complete the course :slight_smile:


Thanks for your prompt answer.

I have just made the quiz again but still cannot pass to next step. 2 minutes ago :slight_smile:

Can you please check?


Yep… So once you exit from here, in the academy page, there will be a Survey to fill… Have you done that?

See the one i highlighted in blue color … Just click on it and see whether it gets unlocked :slight_smile:

always this error:

Hmm… :thinking:

@loginerror - you guys might need to have a look at this…

Hello team,

Can anyone help? It seems they do not update :slight_smile: