Uipath is not responding to a Tool(SuperView)

Hello All,

Recently i’m automating one of Scheduling tool,
following steps I follow:
1> Attach Window: i’m able to attach window successfully
2> click on a GUI: when I try to point to a GUI, the cursor changes to Hand cursor, the uipath studio crashes.

is there any way to Point GUI, elements, is there anything which i’m missing or need to in order to resolve this issue


Hi @aditya.prakash

Any chance you could contact our support to resolve this issue?

If not, please provide some screenshots references and possibly some logs from Windows Event Viewer

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hey @loginerror.

sure, I would like to contact support team, would you suggest any name/names please

only I can use Select window activity, and click image activity but not other activities like, type into click, sendhotkey etc,
if I try to point selector of any of above activity except attach window, uipath Studio stop responding and crashes
only one way is to recover is to restart Uipath studio

Thanks for your Reply