Deprecation Notice: The Chatbot Connector Preview is deprecated effective July 1st β€˜21

What is changing?

The UiPath chatbot connector preview ( to Google Dialogflow ES is deprecated effective July 1st 2021 and will be removed permanently on Oct 24th 2021.

We recommend any solutions that use the chatbot connector to integrate with RPA be updated to use public UiPath Orchestrator APIs.

Why is it changing?

We have heard customer feedback on a preference for integrating UiPath RPA with a wide variety of chatbots that they already use, while for those in the market for a chatbot platform, we make Druid available.

Further, a lot has changed in how UiPath integrates with Google Dialogflow since the release of the chatbot connector preview. The introduction of modern folders in UiPath Orchestrator and improvements to authorizing external applications in the UiPath Cloud Platform provide increased control over how we organize automations and authorize integrations, while Google has released a new Dialogflow CX offering that allows for complex dialogue and supports long running fulfilment.

What will happen if I do nothing?

On Oct 24th ’21, the chatbot connector service will no longer be available. Any integrations defined through the service will no longer work, and you will not be able to access the interface from

Between July 1st ’21 and Oct 24th β€˜21, the chatbot connector( service will continue to be available. However, it will not be maintained meaning that issues (new or existing) will not be fixed.



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