Uipath integration with external database

I wanted to find out if we can connect, or integrate an external database with UiPath? If so does anyone know, which one and how this is done. Or perhaps can it be done in UiPath studio itself?

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So it looks like you want to connect to databases like Access, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server right?

If so, yes… we can do it by downloading Uipath Database Activity pack through the package manager of UiPath Studio

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Fine, so for your question…YES you can connect any db to uipath…and this can be done by the following process

  1. FIrst download the database package “UiPath.Database.Activities” from manage packages if the studio doesn’t have any activities related to database
  2. Once it is downloaded, we have several activities .like
  3. To insert a table from excel to database, first read that excel with excel application scope and read range activity to get the datatable of that excel. once you get the datatable use Insert activity to insert that datatable to the db table you want…
  4. To get the table from db to enter to a datatable, first use execute query activity, where you will mention the query to be run and the output of that activity would be in datatable format with which you can enter to a excel you want to enter…

But all these activities need three things mandatory, Server name, User id and password,
and the beauty is you can check it got connected to db once entering the above details, by just clicking the test connection…

Thats all buddy…you are all done…Connect with db and flash with queries…

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