Database connection in uipath

Hi all
i am trying to connect with database of MySQL with UiPath but here i am not getting option of :
“MySql.DataMySqlClient” after giving my connection string
Please let me know how can i connect.

Hi @office_use

Chech out this docx

Database connect.docx (205.0 KB)


Hi @office_use

If you’re not seeing the “MySql.Data.MySqlClient” option when configuring a database connection in UiPath, it could be because the necessary MySQL database driver (connector) is not installed or registered on your machine

  1. Install MySQL Connector/NET:
  • Download and install the MySQL Connector/NET from the official MySQL website. Make sure to download the version that matches your MySQL server version and your UiPath Studio version. You can find the connector here:
  1. Add the MySQL DLL Reference:
  • After installing the MySQL Connector/NET, you may need to manually add a reference to the MySQL DLL in your UiPath project.
  • In UiPath Studio, open your project.
  • In the “Project” panel, right-click on “References” and select “Manage Packages.”
  • In the “Manage Packages” window, search for “MySql.Data” or “MySQL Connector” and install the MySQL connector package. This should add a reference to the “MySql.Data” DLL.
  1. Restart UiPath Studio

  2. Configure Database Connection:

  • In UiPath Studio, go to the “Database” activities and select the “Connect” activity.
  • In the “Connect” activity properties, set the “ProviderName” to “System.Data.OleDb” (this is a generic provider name for database connections) and configure the “ConnectionString” with your MySQL connection details.
  • Test the connection to ensure it’s working correctly.

Here’s a basic example of a UiPath workflow to connect to a MySQL database and execute a SQL query:

  1. Use a “Connect” activity to establish a connection to the MySQL database.
  2. Use an “Execute Query” activity to execute your SQL query.
  3. Process the results or perform other actions based on the query’s results.

Make sure you have the necessary MySQL libraries installed on your system to successfully connect to your MySQL database using UiPath. If you encounter any issues, ensure that your MySQL server is properly configured and accessible from your UiPath environment.


Hi @office_use

Have you tried with Microsoft SQL server

Hello mam
Is that is the right package to download

No Sir
Not Yet
Should i go for it?


Have a view on this for all pre requisites and step by step approach

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Sir it’s not working for me.

Yes, check out this docx

Install UiPath.database.activities package from Manage packages

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Hi @office_use

try this video

May i please know what you have mentioned in the highlighted box


Click on the Connection Wizard and select the Miscrosoft SQL Server as an Data Source name

Enter the Server name or SQL Sever Authentication