Working with databases

Hi everyone. I have a task to read data from excel spreadsheet and write it to database. Does any body know where in academy i can read or learn about that? How to get access to database from uipath studio? an so on

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You can use UiPath.database.activities

Read your excel with read range mention the output databable

Then use for each row activity

You can use connect activity to connect your database(configure your database)

Then you can use excute query (query you are using for inserting values) and mention the parameters( values of excel like row (0).tostring)



Hey @oredresser,

You need to install the UiPath.Database.Activities package from the package manager.Once the package is installed successfully you would be able to see the activities like connect,Exceute Query,Execute Non Query,Insert,Disconnect etc.

Then you can visit the UiPath Academy to have some better understanding of how to use those activity efficiently.

Link to the UIPath academy is given below:

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Thank you very much

Here you go a article from uipath on how to work with database

Cheers @oredresser

Great! Thanks

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