MySQL connection

How to connect to MySQL and uipath so that I can do some data manipulation using uipath…


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Hi @visalakshisundaram

You can use the uipath database activities to connect to any database and perform various kinds of data manipulations …

Check out the below activity pack… you can download them to your solution directly through Studio package manager option.

We need to download Uipath.Database.activities from Design tab->Manage Packages-> In official tab search the above mentioned package and install it
—then in the studio use a activity called EXECUTE QUERY activity with which we can connect to the MySQL database with the connection wizard
—we need to know
Server name
Credentials like username and password
Database name

—then we can use Test Connection in the connection wizard which will let us know whether the database is connected or not
—then we can mention the sql statement that has to be executed and the output will be a variable of type Datatable

Hope these documents from uipath will help you connect to the MySQL database

Cheers @visalakshisundaram

I can connect with my local host mysql. But when i connect with the host, it is not authorizing the external odbc connection. any solution for this?

Good morning @Lahiru.Fernando and @Palaniyappan. Is there a way to download the Database Activities package manually?