UiPath Insights 20.10 is Here!

A release focused on managing your deployment:

Insights 20.10 focuses on the governance aspect of your deployment. To provide more refined management of OOTB dashboards, the Insights Admin Tool now enables you to share and restrict dashboard access based on a user’s Insights permissions within Orchestrator.

You can now also pick and choose which process and queue tables will appear in the Insights data cube. Through enhanced functionality within the Insights Admin Tool, you have the ability to “whitelist” processes and queues you’re interested in analyzing within Insights.

Not only does this decrease cube build failures by minimizing the number of custom tables, it also reduces the number of tables to sift through when building dashboards. Users will also receive a toast notification when they click the Insights tab in Orchestrator if you’ve gone past the number of custom tables we support.

As always, we’re looking for your feedback to let us know how we’re doing. Keep us posted on your Insights journey!