UiPath Insights in Orchestrator deployed on Azure

I am reading on the UiPath Insights, and saw that for the moment it is only available for Enterprise server license and on-premise deployment.
Is there any planning to enable it on the Orchestrator deployed on Cloud (e.g. Azure)?

@sawsan.i.as for orchestrator deployed on azure, it actually already works. we’re working on some official docs for it and they should be available shortly. for an actual cloud offering like our cloud orchestrator, its not yet available but should be sometime this year

@Michelle_Yurovsky thank you very much!
Will these docs be published in the official documentation site of UiPath?

Could you share it with me in this thread when they are available?

@sawsan.i.as if i can publicly share it i certainly will here! give me a few days to coordinate internally. if not, i can certainly email it to you. will update when i have some info :slight_smile:

@sawsan.i.as could you please file a ticket requesting these instructions at https://www.uipath.com/company/contact-us/contact-technical-support-lc? we’ll have someone get you all set up

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thank you very much, I will do a request for the instructions.

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