UiPath Infrastructure


Is there any document / Video tutorial where UiPath infrastructure is explained like how one can setup UiPath for high availablity etc.

I assumed by looking at its components and having little working experience on it and similar tools that orachtestrator can be installed on one server, studio can be installed on personal machine(s) and then we can provision and register a robot. I also understand that we can use agent of UiPath from the system tray and invoke any process designed, but the understanding is not firmed enough around (Studio, Orchestrator, Agent and machines) to see how many possible scenerios can be to set up UiPath as per customer need.

any help on this would be really appreciated.



When you receive training from UiPath they give away a pdf with details of what you are looking for. I guess I can upload some of them…

but I’ll ask if I can do that. I have translated to Spanish and ask the UiPath if they can review them but I haven’t receive an answer.


Thanks a lot. That would be really helpful.
yeah, I agree with you on checking with UiPath team about sharing.
Looking forward…
Thanks again


hope you are doing well!

did you hear anything from UiPAth team?


Hello, nope, send me your email via private message, thanks

If you log in with an enterprise account (not gmail) you’ll get access to our private docs section:

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thank you for your help.

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Thank you I have access now… regards

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