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Here’s a list of our current training materials. We’ll keep it in sync.

Please go through these before posting in any other categories than Rookies or Other .

Help getting started - will pay
Loop through a data table
How to read range starting from specific cell onwards?
Screen Scrapping on Button click or key board enter key
Actions when email received
Reading Colums from A to Z and how to iterate them
Best Practices around exception
UiPath learning a non programmer
Dynamically updates all cases on a platform
Mapping UiPath workflow
Course and certification details
How does attach browser affect selectors?
Need help on UI Automation
How to use the Uipath developed project
About the Docs category
Reusable activities and storage
Slides/Documents from new courses
How to connect Community Uipath edition to demo.uipath.com orchestrator
Will UiPath add in benefit in Testing domain?

Hi, can you please grant access to documents.


Done, thanks for letting me know that it was blocked.


Hi Please grant me access to the Automation Best Practice Documents.
I am using alexisvecinal@gmail.com for my Google Drive. Thanks!



let us know if there’s anything else missing.


Hi Guys, Can you please grant access to Automation Best practice document. My email id srahulkumar1989@gmail.com


It should be public. Please confirm.


Yes it is public now ! Thanks :slight_smile:


Badita , i am having only view rights for the documents . Can you grant the access for the same.


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How to get access to the google drive materials?



Hi Badita,

When I am trying to access ‘Training Materials - …xlsx’ it is showing - HTTP 403 Forbidden

Kindly help accessing same.


Selector not working

Thanks Badita,

I got access…