Documents/training material on Orchestrator?

Hi, where can I find material/documents on Orchestrator? Thanks,
llari K

Update: Orchestrator 2016.2 Documentation

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Hey @ilarik

Please check it out and let me know :slight_smile:


Great! thanks a lot!

Hi Aksh1yadav,

Tank you for the link but, the link seems doesn’t work

Hey @vbrgangasani

As i can see you are not an enterprise user so you will not be able to see this link.

Either you have to sign up with your company mail id or update your mail address with the company mail id in your profile and mark this person @badita to allow you to see in case of any issues.

To avoid such issues for non enterprise users i will move this question to enterprise category or @badita will do if required.


Ask @Roxana_Stratila or @Loredana_Bolocan. But you’ll need an enterprise email address.


I just updated my Enterprise mail id.

Please let me have access.

Thank you

Hi Vijay,

Please try to access the link again, you should now be able to.

Let me know if you’re still facing the same issue.


Am using my Enterprise email id only…But I can’t open the given link…Please help

@bala0402 please try one more time and let us know if you still have this issue. Using your official email including your company’s domain should give you access to the enterprise section.


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Hi @Loredana_Bolocan
can i have the doc access too? i was signed up with my company mail id, but cannot open the given link too

@Cathy: What is the company?

McDonald’s China is not working pl provide the orchestrator guide

can you check mine as well. the link does not work for mine either.

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Please register with your company email address then you will be able to visit that link.

In case of any problem, Let @Roxana_Stratila and @Loredana_Bolocan should know.


Thanks Aksh

@Cathy done

any luck with mine badita?


Could you please grant the permission to access the below link.

i was getting the error “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”
not able to get the UI Path Documents.