UiPath incorrectly calls stored procedures in databases through ODBC - UiPath has a serious bug that prevents ODBC from executing routines

UiPath incorrectly calls stored procedures in databases through ODBC:

We’ve instestigated the issue and found that UiPath incorrectly calls stored procedures in databases through ODBC: TEST_NO_PARAM instead of {CALL TEST_NO_PARAM}. Stored procedures won’t work in any databases when using UiPath through ODBC connection, except for MS SQL Server, which allows you to call stored procedures without the CALL statement. As a workaround, call the procedure as text: “execute procedure TEST_NO_PARAM” (for Firebird) and set the CommandType as Text. For other possible solutions, please contact UiPath technical support or visit their forum, which has a thread with possible solutions for the given issue with stored procedures.

UiPath has a serious bug that prevents ODBC from executing routines. I have Community Version for now and cannot report this serious bug. It’s kind of weird. So maybe someone from UiPath is reading this forum and will report the problem to the developers.
The more so because I described the problem clearly and clearly.

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I think @r.rydzewski pointed out in the right direction, but all we got more than 3 years later is the automatic forum robot reply. Ain’t that a shame? I’m experiencing the same problem and I’ve tried every combination I can think of to run a stored procedure or PL/SQL code. All I find is 50 diferent threads in these forums about the same problem without a single reported working solution.

They did not improve it anyway! They just forgot about it and completely. We have licenses in the company, so now I will report it as a technical problem because it is not allowed that such functionality does not work. It has not been improved for so much time. I will need it now to finish the project.