How to call/execute Oracle Procedure/Function in UiPath - got Invalid SQL stmt error


I am trying to call/execute OracleEBS function (FND_REQUEST.Submit request) in UiPath environment by using "Execute query/NonQuery option. Anyone having ideas how to execute Oracle Function in UiPath?

attached error screenshots for calling/executing oracle procedure in UiPath.


I was trying to set the Oracle EBS Session properties yesterday. Eventually found out the correct syntax…

Command Type was Text

Note the use of : for variables, I think it must be the equivalent of @ in sqlsever

Then set up the parameters in a with a collection as in the screen dump below

Screen dump of the call note it’s UiPath.Database.Activities.ExecuteNonQuery

@alan.telford I had been searching info for last four hours. All the examples provided online are in SQL server - not with Oracle db. : instead @ for Oracle made the magic. Thanks you so much. You made my day. Appreciate it.

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Hi ALam,
I am receiving an error when i try the same thing
Execute Non Query: ORA-06550: line 2, column 1:\nPLS-00201: identifier ‘XX_TEST’ must be declared\nORA-06550: line 2, column 1:\nPL/SQL: Statement ignored"