UiPath imports data into excel and adds extra line

I automated UiPath to use a screengrab program which copies the screengrabbed Text to clipboard, and then UI path pastes from the clipboard to excel with the “Write Cell” function.

The problem is that this paste function adds an extra line in every cell, which makes the pasted data very hard to use in Excel. I think it suddenly started doing this, and if I remember correctly it worked fine before, but maybe I changed some settings accidentally.

If I do it manually, screengrab the text, and paste in excel, it doesnt give me the extra line, so I’m pretty sure it’s the way UiPath pastes that is the problem.

Thanks for your help!


Try using a trim in the write cell and check
If that resolves the issue


I just learned that TRIM doesnt make the cell workable, but CLEAN does.

So I could do if I have my values stored in A1, Make A2 =CLEAN(A1).

But this is just a workaround for the problem. Can I make UiPath write a CLEAN cell to excel?

Hi @Igor2 ,

You can write the formula in write cell activity as shown in below screenshot,

Here we are writing the A1 cell cleaned value to A2 cell.

Hope this might help you :slight_smile: