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Hi All,
I downloaded the component from GO
https://go.uipath.com/component/google-gsuite, got nupkg package file.

Can I know how can use that file in Studio.

Thanks in advance.

Open studio.
Open any process or create one.
Open package explorer (ctrl+p).
Go to Settings
Configure source (give a path where nupkg is stored)
Now search in all packages
Nupkg will be visible with name.
Install it.
click save
Go to activities and search newly installed package

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Thanks @rahatadi, but getting as below after saving that package.

In packages list, showing that this installation failure!

What is current uipath studio version?

2019.3.0 version, currently am using now.

Redownload it from site.
And save it under package folder where all other nupkg files are stored.(click on Local to get path of package folder)

Hey @rahatadi, can you brief me once what to re download from the site please!

Try this one

UiPath.GSuite.Activities.1.0.7011.40473.nupkg (164.9 KB)



Am adding again in the settings, the nupkg file. As you said, I added that file in local folder.
Can I know what the SOURCE mean below in the screenshot is ,

Okk @rahatadi

After saving I got like it.@rahatadi



please mark useful replay as solution so that other can easily find out solution if they have similar issue

Sure @rahatadi. Thanks much.

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