Need help in download uipath.gsuite.activities 1.16.2 nupkg

Hi All,
I have to creat a project without internet connecting. It means I cannot install uipath.gsuite.activities from
So I want to download the .nupkg file and put it in my local package folder.
And the only version i could find is UiPath.GSuite.Activities.1.0.7011.40473.nupkg.
But I want to used the new version in my project.
Can anyone help me to find the download link of uipath.gsuite.activities 1.16.2 nupkg?
Truely Thanks

By the way, I must using studio 2020.10.2.
v1.16.2 nupkg it the best choose but v1.13.2 is also ok for me.

Welcome to the forum
give a try with following link:

feel free to play with the different versions within the url

BTW: when trying to download a package via the dependency manager we can check for the url within the output lines:

It works!
Also thank you told me how to download packages from url :smile:
It really helps me a lot!

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