How to access the nupkg file in uipath

hiii guys i downloaded a custom activity from uipath go which is in the format of NUPKG,may i know how can i access the activity in my uipath studio.gone through forum but didn’t find any answer. thankyou

Hello @venkatmalla6

paste it in ~\UiPath\app-19.6.0\Packages folder in your system

go to Manage Package -> click on Local option then search then Installed

or you can also follow this



Hi @venkatmalla6

  1. Click Manage Packages.
  2. Under Settings, add a User defined package source.
  3. Store the nupkg inside the folder (source)
  4. Under All Packages, find the package source name you defined.
  5. You will find the activity package there. You may now install it.

Thanks and regards,


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