Trying to Open a NUPKG

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A Vendor created a nupkg for us and I’m trying to open it in studio but don’t know how? I keep getting errors - any assistance appreciated.

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Which UiPath product they used, studio or studioX?.If they used studioX product to create nupkg package then you should use studioX to open that package

This is the error I get

How will I know? When I try studioX I also get an error as well.

Try to update this package from manage package window

I have tried that, but no options are available: hover over the red icon and see what the error is.
Did you connect with the same orchestrator in the studio as the vendor use?


It seems that it’s invisible.
Did you get workflow of the robot with package already installed?
It seems that the package cannot be found so, I the case might be that the package was provided locally by client and it isn’t on your computer - so UiPath cannot see it.

If you have the package on your PC you will have to create a package feed to use it.

  1. Please go to the Manage Packages settings
  2. Write package name
  3. Use 3 dots to find folder where the package is and click add.

Feed will be added to “User defined package sources” and you will be able to see the tab on the left pane. If there are any packages in the folder there will be visible once you click the tab.

If the pakcage is on a client’s site. Do the same steps but in the 3rd point instead of clicking … and selecting folder, give the URL to that site.

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