UiPath Generic Framework Template v1.1

Updated to version 1.1, see latest post below


Hi everyone, i’d like to share my new workflow template. Feel free to use it and ask any questions. This is a generic template that can be used with any process and you can build it on top of your own frameworks. This is just a basic template and you can add your own steps if your own process requires it, but i want to share this because adding another framework on top of my REFramework has really saved me a lot of time when developing multiple processes for the same company

The template contains 4 states:

  1. Initialize - For reading config / running initialization healthcheck (Makes use of the Initialization check activity available here.) . If Healthcheck pass, go to Process, otherwise go to End.

  2. Process - For copying files to working folder and starting your main framework/sequence (you can call your own frameworks e.g. REFramework from here) , after that go to Archive.

  3. Archive - Copying working folder to archive folder, after that go to End.

  4. End

Why use generic framework?
REFramework is not 100% generic (maybe apart from the Init state), it is process specific and cannot be simply migrated to other processes without changing variables/arguments (because processes have different data sources such as queues / tables / DB etc). Hence adding a generic framework allows you to separate generic steps and process-specific steps. What are the differences?

a. Generic steps include:

  1. Reading config file

  2. System Health checks

  3. Copying files to working folder

  4. Archiving files

b. Process specific steps include:

  1. Getting queue data

  2. Reading input file

  3. Reading DB

  4. Running main process flow


  1. Applicable to all processes, only requires changing config file between different processes.
  2. Make your process more modular by adding an additional layer (to separate process-specific and non process-specific logic).
  3. Can be built on top of your own main frameworks / sequences.

Is there any changes i need to make in my config file

Thanks for this solution, Is there any changes i need to make in my config file to make use of it?

Yes, you can read it in the documentation

version 1.1

New feature
Excel log is initialized for each day at process start, if the excel log for a specific day already exists, it will be appended. All the logs are stored in a folder specified in config file

The framework comes with a function that lets you update this log. You can choose when you want to use this function.

This log will be sent out at the end of the process as an email