Uipath Form design

Uipath form designer i can create a three radio button. for each radio button have set of values like AB have 1,2,3,4 and DB have A,B,C and DF have AA,BB,CC and etc.

If i click AB radio button the values pass to dropdown list. Similar to each button.

Pls can any one help me.

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Hey @silambu1605

You mean to say you want to dynamically pass drop-down options based on the radio button selection is that correct ?



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Okay cool.

Do you have any restriction to have only radio buttons?

If not you can use the parent child drop-down way - How to create Conditional or Dependent dropdowns in Actions Form

Kindly have a look. If not please let me know.


Hi Nithin,

As per the business requirement. They needs to radio button.

ex: Based on radio button value pass to dropdown list. Each radio button has set of values.

Step 1: User need to select radio button.
Step2: User select environment based on radio button. The User select AB radio button the dropdown values should be populate AB environment. Similar to each radio button.
Step 3: next select environment in the drop down button.
ex: If you select A environment the values should be populated on A environment related company list only.

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Okay @silambu1605

This may be possible using emit options let me check!

@ppr @supermanPunch Please look into it and Let mw know if any solution.

check if reacting on the check box click the drop down data can be dynamicaly rewired


Refer the below video link might help

Hi ,

The business requirement need to radio button.

As per business team need to select any radio button. Each radio button have set of values. those values how to pass dropdown button.

  1. A radio button have 3 values(AA,BB,CC)
  2. C radio button have 4 values(dd,ff,gg)
    3.D radio button have 2 values (ss,jj)

These value dynamically pass to dropdown. If you have any solution for that.

@Parth_Doshi Please look into it and let me know if any solution.