UiPath Form, Dynamic Values + Dropdown selection within table

Hi guys, I need to prompt user for some information for the process I’m automating, and wanted to know if it is possible to do this with UiPath Forms.

I have created below example to show what I need to do. The form needs to consist of a list of rows where the first column e.g. Name has been populated (not for user to edit) - I will have a list of string for this like {“Adam”,“Bob”,“Joanne”,“Martha”,“Brenda”} which can have variable number of items and can be different number each time. For each row, user needs to select Yes/No (can be a radio button or dropdown) and then select a value in a third column which will be a dropdown selection - each row will have the same list of dropdown options, which I will also have as a list of string like {“Cash”,“Phone”,“Voucher”,“Watch”} also dynamically generated at runtime. I need the output from the form as the user selections for each row.


Is this possible to do, and if yes can someone please point me to an example where I can learn how to do this? Thanks in advance!

Did you have any luck finding a solution to this issue - looking to do something very similar

Hi @himavad We tried to create what you wanted. Please find the workflow attached. Let us know if you any question regarding it.
DataGridExample.xaml (11.0 KB)

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if i want to recharge the form whit the saved value?


and the value inside the droplist can i invoke fron the list ?