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How can I simulate in UiPath Forms, the image I attached, manage to use dynamic dropdown lists (External data), but not multiple options in the form of dropdown list, let alone use all together:


-A drop-down list to choose the user profile from a list of profiles.
-A dropdown list to choose multiple options from a list of companies
-A button that allows me to open again the two previous options and thus select different profiles with different companies.

I don’t know much about HTML

I look forward to your help, thank you very much

Hey @borismh

You can read the drop-down values as a collection from an external source and pass it as argument to form data with variable name as form element’s field key appended by _dropdown !

Ref - Create Dynamic Dropdown List using Create Form Task in Action Center? | Advance Form Controls UiPath - YouTube

Hope the above helps.


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Certainly an interesting article, but regarding a drop-down list where one option is selected from external data, yes, I have knowledge.
I was referring to a drop-down list (Other means) that allows me to choose more than one option.
-And also a button that allows me to return to the previous options but with empty fields, as to enter new data.
-Also for that reason my doubt, if it could only be done with HTML.

I hope I am understood

I was referring to a concept similar to this one:


Choose multiple options from a drop-down list

You can check the thread that Nitin has responded. Hope this serves your need. How to create a UiPath form to select multiple values from a single dropdown

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Hey @balaraman.ramiya

I was about to share this exactly, but was unable to find it :slight_smile: Thanks buddy !

@borismh Kindly refer the above.

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