UiPath extension not working

HI Team,

I have downloaded the Mozilla Firefox setup and installed it.

Later I launched UiPath and soon installed the Firefox extension and tried to use Basic Recording.

It keeps giving me a prompt box to install the extension, even though I have installed it.

I have confirmed it as well by checking my Mozilla Add-ons and its updated and enabled.

Well, I have installed different other versions of Firefox and it keeps giving me the same prompt.

I have also tried to install the UiPath Mozilla Extension from Command Prompt and still does not help.

Team, could you please assist me on this.

Warm Regards

Have you restarted Firefox after installing the extension? You might try disabling it, then restarting Firefox, then enabling it again also. Just some ideas.

Hello @ClaytonM,

Thank you for your response.
I have tried doing that.
Apart from that, I have also tried to restart the ui path robot service and and restarted the system.
But soon as I record and click on any element on web, I get the same prompt to install UiPath extension.
And I install it over and over again and keep trying .

I am not sure what might be causing this issue.
This was not happening earlier on and I was able to work smoothly on Mozilla.
Now since I have downloaded the latest version of Mozilla, UiPath keeps giving me that response.

Any suggestion would be much appriciated.

Warm Regards,