Mozilla Web Extension not Working

Hi Team,

I am using Win 7 and have just recently installed UiPath and made sure that I have installed all the packages and extension.

The simple web recording I try and I get this error :

“We detected that you are trying to capture in browser and your extension is not enabled. Please enable the UiPath Extension.”

1.> I have installed the Mozilla Extensions both from UiPath Studio and also from CMD Prompt.

2.> I have restarted the system and restarted the UiPath Robot Services as well.

3.> I have gone through the and checked the .json file as well.

Please if you can assist that would be very helpfull.

Prashant Singh

Is Mozilla is mandatory?
Try using IE which suites best for UiPath.

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@ddpadil I have tried this using Internet Explorer and this seems to be working fine.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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