Two very similar help topics, when should I use each one?

I saw a message about UIPath unable to connect to the extension, and then after some searching, I find two different articles in the same version of the docs. They both are about installing and troubleshooting the extension, but have different material.

When should I use one vs the other? Now that I’ve pointed this out, will they be combined into 1?

Actually the first one is about troubleshooting

Check if the UiPath Extension for Firefox is installed and enabled:
Check if there is some data missing in the Registry Editor:
So in your case we can use this think as we have already installed extension and now looking for some troubleshoot

While the second one is about how to install the extension

And they are different from each other
As one is for troubleshooting and one is for how to install

Cheers @Robot.Builder.9001