UiPath is unable to interact with firefox

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am new to this forum and I have not seen someone with the same problem. If I missed any rules feel free to tell me.

My UiPath Studio is unable to interact with Firefox. This has happened before and updating to the current version usually fixed the issue for me. I downloaded 2020.4.3 today and nothing. I cannot even use an “attach browser” command.
Ironically the only thing my client can detect is the “extension successfully installed” message.

I already did some troubleshooting and nothing works. The code I am using worked fine for the last year or so. Firefox version is 68.11.0esr (32-Bit). OS is win 10.

Thanks for reading so far and I am happy about any tipps or ideas :slight_smile:

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Try to reinstall firefox extension
Goto Home>Tools>Extension

Restart Studio and Firefox
also check registry file

Please mark this as solution if it works

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Hey @Nikhil,

I already restarted everything (including OS) multiple times, reinstallation of the Extension was my first try but also no result.

I am unsure about checking a registry file. Can you please specify that?


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Can you check registry file %userprofile%\appdata\ path