Uipath executor takes a long time to run

i’m using the community edition and run the robot unattended using task scheduler. I execute the UiRobot.exe from the task scheduler, and then i notice that the UiPath Executor will be executed to run the task. There is no problem except there is some delay between the UiRobot and UiPath Executor, the robot will run on scheduled time, but it will take about 3-4 minutes of delay for the executor to run after the robot run. Any solution to this ?

Hi @RobertoEwaldo

Follow the following steps to accelerate the process:

  1. Open task manager and search for UiPath processes
  2. Right click on it and choose go to details
  3. Again right click on UiPath process and set priority to High

This should work

hi @AMRITANShlal,
in my case there is no set priority option ?

Si mi amigo
Click on Go to details… You’ll be navigated to Details tab, and from there again right click on UiPath services.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find this option.